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Standby for actual blogs.

Hello everyone, welcome at my blog!

I haven’t really written an actual blog yet (I’m making this up as I go), but there will be blogs here somewhere in the near future. Some things that you can expect are:

  • How is it to be a commercial pilot during COVID19?
  • Flight school, the #realstudentpilotlife version.
  • Coolest airports in the world & which ones I’ve been.
  • Travel & other adventures.
  • Your suggestions 🙂

So stay patient, stay tuned. For now you can click on the “Yours truly” in the menu above. This will direct you to an introduction about me (no shit sherlock)! *If you’re on you’re phone, you have to click menu first before the “yours truly” option appears.

I hope you’ll enjoy my future blog.

– Yours truly

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