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Are you a real pilot or are you a co-pilot? – FAQ

Q: Are you a real pilot or are you a co-pilot?

A: BOTH!! As a co-pilot, you’re still a real pilot. We are allowed to actually fly and stuff.

In the airline industry, almost every single aircraft is flown with two pilots (minimum). The captain and the co-pilot (or as we prefer; first officer).

We both do the same things, we take turns being pilot flying (doing the actual flying) and being pilot monitoring (checklists, radio etc.). Main difference: the captain is the boss. We’ll always try to work together, but if it happens that we cannot agree, then the captain will have the final say (& responsibility).

Becoming a captain is a promotion. So not every first officer will be a captain some day.

So yes, I’m a REAL pilot 😉

Pan am tvshow, a must watch for every real #avgeek

Q: Why did you have 2 stripes (& 1 stripe before)?

A: To my knowledge, all airlines use 4 stripes for the captain. However, the stripes for the first officers may differ. With my airline it was depending on experience.

Yours truly as a 1-striper (yes it says STRIPEr not stripper 😉 )

Q: What are the rules to get into flight school?

A: The best is to check with the flight schools that you are interested in. There are a lot of flight schools in a lot of different countries, all may have different rules + the rules are changing. So even if you go to the same school as I did, the rules might be different already.

Q: How did you pay for your flight school?

A: Back in my days (yes I’m old enough to say that sentence), it was really easy to get a loan with the bank. The only requirement was: pass the assessments of your flight school. Now things are different. Best again, check with the flight school and with people who did it recently.

Two tips: look into sponsored flight schools (if you apply via an airline) and look into modular. Modular training is getting way more accepted than it was before and it is a lot cheaper than integrated (still expensive though).

Q: What is your salary?

A: It’s good, but if you want to become rich you should become something else.

Q: Can I become a pilot when I’m wearing glasses?

A: Yes, but I’m not a doctor. To be 100% sure if your condition is ok with the medical, you should talk to a medical doctor. One advise that I do want to give you: ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion if you’re ever having problems with getting a medical. Don’t let 1 single doctor ruin your career.

For EASA (Europe) medical guidelines check:

Q: How can you have a dog while being a pilot?

A: You’ll need help! This can be paid help or help from friends/family/partner. And maybe even more important; you’ll need to have a flexible dog (this you can train), as he/she needs to be ok with going to a sitter often.

Flappie & me. Yes, he’s called after the flaps.

Q: How does it work with a relationship/social life as a pilot?

A: FLEXIBILITY! Your loved ones (& yourself) will have to accept that you can’t always be there with birthdays, christmas etc. My parents, my brother (also a pilot) & myself once celebrated christmas in february in Lanzarote, as that was the only option that we could find ;).

Congratulating my little brother from the air is part of the job

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