Yours truly

Flappie & me

Who is yours truly?

Proud to be dutch, animal loving – airline pilot.

I could write a long autobiography, starting when I was born (during a massive storm, on the 10th of November 1991), then go on about my youth (I was a bit of a dreamer, but an easy kid) & continue about my teenage years (still a dreamer, less easy).

Next I would talk about my life as a young adult (didn’t know what to do with my life, so worked in a bar, did volunteer work and travelled). After which I could tell you about flight school (super hard, would not recommend if it wasn’t for the job that “came” after).

Volunteerwork in Swaziland

Up to present life. 28 years old. Living in the Netherlands. Working as an airline pilot in Norway. Proud dog mama of my Spanish rescue dog Flappie. Girlfriend of Jordy, who I love dearly, but sometimes I do struggle to pay attention when he talks about history or politics.

Jordy & Flappie

Daughter of Melchert & Monique, might be biased, but they’re the best parents a human could ask for. BIG sister to Mees, again tiny bit biased, but he’s the best little brother a human can ask for.

Mom, dad, little brother & me – fashionable as ever

Fact is, life is just too much to write about in one single blog. Might do parts later. But first, here are some (fun) facts about me:

Huge animal lover. I’ve had 19 pets I actually knew of, but there where in fact 20. How? Well I always thought my goldfish somehow grew bigger after he stayed with my grandmother, while we where on vacation. Fact is he died and she threw a new one in my aquarium. I haven’t been told the truth about this until many years later.

I have a pretty old fashioned taste in music. This is why I’m never allowed to DJ when with friends, however my dad loves my music.  

I’ve been proposed to many times. All of the proposals I declined though, as they were from drunk men in the bar I used to work.

Dad & Mees visiting in the Irish pub where I worked

I’ve lived in six different countries.

I would consider myself an introvert. I love doing stuff by myself.

Mees once called me the most impatient person he has ever met, however, aviation has forced me to become a little more patient.

As a kid I was a huge fan of Princess Diana (still am actually, most gorgeous princess ever). When visiting her grave, I even met het brother.

I have a thing for abandoned places. However, I don’t really dare to break the rules, so I haven’t seen many abandoned places in real life.

My biggest and longest kept secret is that as kid (9 years old approx.) I accidentally killed my gerbil. I haven’t dared to tell anyone the truth about this until I was about 25.

I’ve always been super interested in medicine and health. For a long time I even considered to become a doctor. Being an airline pilot is amazing, I love it and I wish to do it for the rest of my working life. However, I still missed doing something with this interest. So I started studying applied psychology, hoping that in the future I can help reduce the stigma around mental health and create more awareness for mental health in general, but specifically in aviation.

I keep a bucketlist. On top of my list is going to space and swimming with killerwhales in the wild. Some of the things I already ticked off are rescuing a dog, become a pilot and swim with dolphins, whale sharks and the great white.

When most of my friends wanted to become princesses or professional soccer players, I wanted to be an astronaut. I did once asked my mom how I was supposed to land such a big spaceship on such a small looking moon (I was really young, don’t judge me please).

My biggest space related achievement has been ESA replying to my picture saying my CV would definitely stand out if I included that picture  (it was a picture of me pretending (!!) to use a space toilet, where I asked if they could hire me now please).

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